Bad Credit Mobile Phones

Trying to find a bad credit mobile phone contract can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we can help! With over 10 years experience in the mobile phone sector, we know exactly which networks you are likely to be accepted with as well as what you can do to help improve your chances of getting approved.

What Causes Bad Credit
The first question you should ask yourself is why your credit score is considered to be lower than average. It could simply be because you have never borrowed money before, or perhaps you’ve missed a couple of bill payments. Either way, you won’t know for sure until you take out a credit report. It’s free, so we definitely recommend doing so as you may find things you had forgotten about or even inaccuracies that need editing.

Once you’ve thoroughly checked your report we suggest you follow our 3 step rule on the right-hand side to help you increase your chances. Please note, if you have been refused a contract previously, it is always best to wait a few months before applying again. You could also apply for a sim-only contract instead, as quite a few networks offer them without doing a credit check!

If you need some more information, we have guides and advice on how to improve your credit rating, the benefits of contract phones over pay as you go, no credit check contracts, and even reviews of UK networks and the latest mobile phones.

However, if you’re ready to apply then click the button below and we will show you the best networks with which you should first apply if you have a poor credit rating.