What to do when you’ve been Refused

While there are many benefits to purchasing a mobile phone contract, mobile phone companies sometimes refuse to allow an individual to sign up for one of their contracts. If you have a low credit score and/or are not in a stable place financially, mobile phone companies will be reluctant to extend a mobile phone contract to you. If you want to purchase a mobile phone contract but you have been refused because of your financial situation, you still have options that will eventually allow you to get a mobile phone contract.

been refused

One good option is to apply for a “SIM only” deal. This means you keep the phone you already have, but you switch to the network you want to be on. A Sim Only contract is inexpensive because they don’t provide a phone, so it is affordable for people who cannot afford a traditional contract. This is a good middle of the road option, as it is cheaper than contracts that provide you with a new mobile phone but a better option than a Pay as you Go plan. Once you establish a pattern of paying for your SIM only plan on time each month, you will become a more attractive customer and the mobile phone company will be more likely to allow you to upgrade to a mobile phone contract.

Therefore if at first you cannot get the mobile phone contract you want, don’t settle for a Pay as you Go plan. Opt for the Sim only plan and use it as a temporary plan until you can get approved to upgrade to a better plan in the future. You will still get the benefits of having a phone contract and you are putting yourself in a situation that will allow you to move forward and select a mobile phone contract that will allow you to get a new phone. .